Beehive spring kits

SUPERTECH's New line of Beehive spring and kits has hit the warehouse.  After much demand for them we are starting with a few applications, however we have others in R&D.


The benefits are:

1)       Beehive springs have smaller top coils and retainer. This means that the alternative moving mass (weight) of the spring and retainer are lower so you can run at higher rpms or you can lower the pressure of the spring for the same rpms.


2)  The beehive spring has a variable rate. The rate increases as the spring is compressed and the lower coils that have a lower rate start binding before the top coils with a higher rate, do. Since they have a variable rate, they also have a variable natural resonant frequency that is changing constantly as the spring is being compressed.


A single cylindrical spring has a defined natural resonant frequency that may fool the operation of the valve if not well designed to that application and a Dual spring has two defined natural resonant frequencies that help dampen each other if well designed, but is heavier than a single spring.


Our Beehive springs have also been manufactured using high quality chrome silicon vanadium oval shaped wire for optimal distribution of the wire stresses and better durability.