Street Performance


When choosing an upgrade to your current OEM valves and wanting to do so without compromising quality and reliability. Supertech's Street Performance valves are without a doubt the best bang for your buck!



  • 200 Series Valves (currently only available for Honda B-Series)
  • EV12 (21-2N) Stainless Steel
  • One Piece Forged Valve
  • Hardened Wafer Tip
  • Black Nitride surface treatment for hardness, and lower friction.
  • Neck Undercut
  • Reground valve seat for extremely tight tolerances & seat run out.


Daily Driver, Street Tuner, OEM Upgrade

High Performance


Our high Performance valves have been proven to flow better then any current valve on the market. We strive to manufacture the best valve, without any compromises. Our black nitride process offers a surface finish that is smoother than chrome stem valves while having less friction. We also harden the valve, allowing for improved longevity.

  • Unsurpassed quality and precision
  • Intakes are 21-4N (industry leading quality)
  • Exhaust are 23-8N
  • All Valves are One Piece Forged Valves
  • Hardened Wafer Tip
  • Black Nitride surface treatment for hardness, and lower friction
  • Back Cut
  • Under Cut
  • Super Finish stems w/ very low friction
  • Reground valve seats for extremely tight tolerances & seat run out.


Drag, Rally, Formula, Road racing. ect. Used by the best engine builders around the world, track record holders, and championship winners.



Our Inconel / Nimonic valves are made to withstand higher temperatures than our high performance valves. This is particularly important when upgrading to a turbo or forced induction as it is necessary to user the proper material (Inconel / Nimonic) in order to prevent warping of the valve.


  • Nimonic 751 or Nimonic 80
  • Used Only on the exhaust
  • Used in engines with Turbo or Forced induction
  • Swirl Polished


Exhaust side only, when your engine yields more than 140hp /lt when using turbo or nos.

Sodium Filled / Inconel


Like our Inconel valves, our Sodium filled valves, are designed to withstand even higher temperatures. As the sodium becomes liquid it will transfer the heat from the head of the valve to the guide and cylinder. This in turn keeps the valve cooler, and lessens the risk of warping.


  • Nimonic 751 or Nimonic 80
  • Used Only on the exhaust
  • Used in engines with Turbo or Forced induction
  • Sodium cools the valve by removing heat from the head to the stem. reducing the chances of valve warping due to extreme temperatures.
  • A cooler valve offers more flexibility with spark advance w/ out pre ignition
  • Weight reduction is approximately 10%


For high turbo engines exceeding 500hp

Titanium Valve


Our Titanium valves are designed to tackle the demanding needs of the most powerful high performance racing engines. Our Titanium valves work for both intake and exhaust and are on average 40% lighter than stainless steel.


  • Ti 6-2-4-2 Grade high temperature alloy for both intake and exhaust valves”
  • Chrome nitride coating (CrN) works well with bronze and steel guides
  • Necessary to use a steel lash cap when rocker arms are used
  • 40% lighter than stainless steel


Naturally aspirated engines looking for high RPM’s. Not to be used with turbos or nos. Looking for lighter valve train at an expense or softer valve springs. Used in Racing Applications only. Professional installation required.

Our Process

From start to finish, our process insures you get the highest quality valve train components.


Research what our customers want from each application. Then we determine the type of valve material, and size based on customers needs.


Based on our desired application we will determine the best valve for each... Backcut, dished, flat face, triple groove, single groove

Material Selection

Choosing from Stainless Steel, Inconel or Titanium we will create a perfectly matched valve for each application.

Quality Control

Adhering to the latest and most strict quality certifications we require all of our material to be controlled by ultrasonic tests, eddie currents, etc. In addition we do metallurgical inspection of the metallurgical structure of the metal received, grain size, micro hardness, macro hardness, ovalization, and dimensional tolerances.


All Supertech valves are then forged as one piece valves. Ensuring the utmost strength and reliability as well as quality.


Each valve is then checked by hand ensuring our quality standards are met.

Regrind Seat

To ensure the highest tolerances each valve head is re-grounded for higher eccentricity and higher tolerances.

Final Inspection

Each valve is then once again inspected to ensure our quality standards are met.

Supertech Approved

Valves are then stamped with the Supertech logo and a batch ID.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Because all of our valves go through this proven process we stand behind the quality of our products.