A Supertech 2015



We are coming off the line strong in 2015 and what a journey it has been so far! 2015 marks the official launch of our Powersport line of valve train components and we could not be happier to get them in your hands. While building the highest quality engine components is nothing new to our staff, we decided to take on the unique demands of professional motorcycle racing to see if we can raise the bar in the powersport market. Applying the same technology as our automotive valves coupled with extensive R&D we are proud to announce that we have created one of (if not the best) products on the market.




Once we had a what we felt was a great product, our next step was to begin working with engine builders and professional racers to test and further develop our parts. We wanted to confirm that racers and engineers at the highest level felt the same way we did. We partnered with Josh Hansen’s Team100 well before the supercross series began to test and further develop our products. We wanted to be sure we were able to obtain the absolute best flow, performance and reliability from our performance titanium valves. To achieve this we created a flat faced high compression titanium valve, along with a 50 degree flat faced titanium valve and worked with Team 100 over the last 8 plus months to make sure that both performance and reliability were maximized. Through countless hours of testing not just with Josh, but other professional racers it was clear, we achieved our goals!



Since that time word has spread quickly and we partnered with Luc Caouette “Frenchie” at C4MX and Motorcross Action Magazine to build a fire breathing monster of a 2015 Honda CRF450. This engine was built with our titanium valves and DLC coated buckets and with the help of Frenchie’s engine modifications this bike put out an astonishing 66HP. Read more on that HERE. That is more than a 12HP gain over the stock engine. With numbers like that, and after experiencing our products first hand… it wasn't long before Caouette connected us with his championship winning Canadian Outdoor National team (Leading Edge Kawasaki) and another partnership was formed.



Needless to say this has been a busy first quarter for the team at Supertech, and we are absolutely thrilled to continue delivering superior products to our customers. While we constantly strive to improve our products we also strive to improve our customer support, and customer experience. To help achieve this we will soon be rolling out an updated version of our website featuring full ecommerce functionality. So purchasing our products will be made much easier.


Cheers to an exciting 2015!